If you were going to lose your job, would you prefer to be replaced by a robot or another person?
Interestingly, most people (63%) would prefer a robot to take their job if they had to lose it.

Though  they would prefer to see another human step in if a co-worker was going to lose theirs, reports New Scientist magazine. 

The study found people rated robots as less threatening to their self-identity than human replacements in a job setting – showing the importance of self-identity and self-worth that jobs provide – something that all good HR managers should be well aware of. (If not, talk to us now for some training!) 

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2212417-most-people-would-rather-lose-their-job-to-a-robot-than-another-human/#ixzz5xrDjTrQU
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