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Welcome to the SR Network

bespoke recruiters, HR advisers and perception researchers for
Australia’s wealth, fund and superannuation management industry.

The SR Network was developed to add value to HR and C-suite leaders
by helping you better manage the greatest workplace change of our time.  

 Finding the best – be it people or people-related assistance that reduces risks and adds value – is one of the top challenges facing our industry’s HR teams. 

Learn more about our specialist HR consulting, research and  benchmarking services that provide an edge for HR teams.
Our industry leading HR experts as well and organisation perception surveys can quickly make a difference.    

Why use the SR Network?

The SR Network provides a trio of services to help HR teams through the greatest workplace transformation of our lifetime. 
This ranges from helping HR bring recruiting in-house to ensuring you have the best procedures for today’s changed world.

Our SUPER Recruiters team provides traditional recruiting and search and can assist:
1 – To obtain the best people for your organisation – candidates with track records of delivering results.
2 – To reach people you can’t – this includes those not on job boards or not actively looking to move. (We understand the differences between candidates actively looking and those who need to be enticed to move – and know how to manage these substantial differences).
3 – To hire candidates with the best cultural fit for your organisation.
4 – To reduce the risk of hiring poor performers – and the damage they cause.
5 – With best value – low flat fee, no retainer, guarantee replacement for full search.

Focusing on our sector alone and being well connected means we know those proven professionals who deliver.
We also identify those who can work productively from home as well as the office.
Don’t just fill a role, obtain the best possible person for it.

We can do this because we are bespoke, independent and only work in our industry alone and because we focus on referred candidates, rather than online resumes, checking for credentials and performance at the beginning of the process – not a cursory check at the end.

We can also help HR bring recruiting in house.

“SUPER Recruiters did a great job in finding us highly experienced executives in a short period of time. We were impressed with the quality of the candidates
and will definitely use his services in the future,” – CEO of a leading fintech seeking his replacement.

Experts in our industry

We know our industry – with three decades working within financial services, wealth, funds management, operations and custody.
We are  well-connected – our unparalleled network enables us to identify and reference he best-possible candidates.
We know cultural fit – is an effective way to developing high performing teams and are expert at this.
We know who is good at what they do, who has a proven track record 
and who could be a good cultural fit for you.

“SUPER Recruiters provided us with the best possible candidates, some very well-known performers,
people who have strengthened our team and in turn our business. Highly recommended.”

About the SR Network

The SR Network is trusted, strong and consistent.
Our processes are independent, robust, transparent
– and full-search services can come with a replacement guarantee.

We don’t charge a retainer and are very competitive.
Call us now to discretely discuss your needs. 

For further information about us see what INDUSTRY MOVES says here.

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2021 outlook for our people

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