What is the fastest growing job recruiters are seeking to fill in our wealth management industry?
It is not technology, not customer service – it’s for professionals with experience in risk and compliance.

There is more demand for risk and compliance professionals than any other role in wealth management today.
So if you had to restart your career today, transition into risk and compliance. 

We are experiencing the greatest demand from wealth management businesses seeking to acquire talented and experienced individuals in traditional risk, compliance and governance functions, as well as data security. We can’t get enough professionals and are actively seeking well-experienced, proven people.

The demand is strongest from some of the big banks, super funds and insurance organisations. This demand is across the board, at all levels of experience we are seeing roles from project managers, to senior leaders and heads of.

The reason for this growth is that amid regulatory changes, the consequences of the Royal Bank Commission inquiry, economic pressures and changing consumer preferences, wealth managers require better risk and compliance insights.