Should you try to move up within your organisation – or look elsewhere?
Should the HR department promote more internal people – or bring in external talent with fresh ideas – to improve the organisation’s corporate culture?
While corporate culture varies widely for each organisation and individual, we are noting that more firms are seeking external candidates to bring in new skills and experience to meet the changing marketplace.
Market conditions are changing so quickly that some teams just can’t transform and keep up with the change and the new skills that are required, one HR head told us.
This is especially the case for organisations that want to repel increasing competition and/or grow more than they traditionally have. For example, Proctor & Gamble, which traditionally would only promote from within, is increasingly looking externally for new talent with new ideas.
Consider, how will your firm respond to the Royal Commission findings. Will it upskill existing teams, or search for ones that will be able to more easily instigate the required changes? These are big questions and challenges for both employees and employers over the next few months.
That said, there is still value in inhouse organisational knowledge and opportunities especially for those who demonstrate that they are able to keep ahead of change and demonstrate the desired corporate culture attributes. (Assuming of course the organisation has determined these).
There obviously has to be a mix between old and new, just as there has to be diversity of talent and ideas.
HR heads don’t want to ‘discard’ your corporate culture, but rather shift it. That can only be done by either educating and encouraging people already inhouse, or bringing in those that can help lift the culture – or a mix of both, depending on how much improvement you need to make. The key is for HR departments and their existing employees to recognise where those weaknesses are in terms of culture and in which teams. They can then hire proven performers from organisations identified with a more desirable corporate culture. Inhouse performers can mentor the new comers who can bring freshness, ideas, skills and more to lift the organisation’s corporate culture.