It is not the markets, not a recession, nor a potential change of government.
It is much closer to you. It’s hiring the ‘wrong’ people.
We all know how the addition of the ‘wrong’ people to an organisation, a team, or even a supplier can change things for the worse – costing time, money and even clients.
You wouldn’t invest in a fund on first impressions. Yet this is what most organisations do! Most candidates are chosen on subjective first impressions, with research revealing that most are selected on ‘gut feel’. This is despite the fact that gut feel is only correct one in seven times, according to Scorpio Partnership research.
So why do we, organisations and HR departments continue to be so subjective?
You wouldn’t do this with your investments. You’d check the past performance of funds and managers to determine their track record and how they delivered.
You can, and should, do the same with employing staff. It doesn’t take a fancy algorithm. It just takes people who know people, who know the best people, who know proven performers – and use what we call DATA DRIVEN RECRUITMENT.
What does this mean for candidates? Research by Gallup found that people who use their strengths at work are six times more likely to be engaged. Demonstrates that you know your strengths and how to apply them – provide interviewers examples of how you have applied these strengths to deliver results for previous employers.
Other research reveals that only 25% of job success is predicted by intelligence, while 75% is predicted by candidates’ optimism level, according to GoodThink Inc. Accordingly, ensure you are optimistic in your next job interview and outline how it has helped you, and the organisations you worked at to succeed. In other words, outline your own ‘out- performance’ record!
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