Why aren’t you getting far with your online job applications using LinkedIn, Seek and the like?
We hear reports of people of applying for 100s of roles and not getting one response – even when they have all the skills and experience! Does this mean that you’re applying for the ‘wrong’ roles or don’t have a good CV? Or is it something else?
The reason why you, in fact most of us, don’t get far is that we don’t understand how the algorithms (digital search matching terms) used in online job applications actually work.
One job ad can elicit hundreds, even thousands, of responses, and many of the applications will be unsuitable, but all must be digitally screened by a recruiter to identify a shortlist of suitable candidates. Other recruiters use digital technology to search LinkedIn profiles – recall those LinkedIn notes that say you appeared in so many searches this week.
Accordingly, to land a job interview from an online advert, you have to get past these screening algorithms first. It is important as more and more recruiters are using artificial intelligence and data analytics to shortlist job applicants. (We’re not). So how can you ensure your application makes it past the algorithms?
First, make sure it is uploaded in a word DOC(x) file. Not all algorithms can read PDF format.
Second, make sure you include as many as possible keywords. Pepper your CV and online profile with words that match the job/s you are applying for. Don’t forget keywords for the required technical as well as soft skills.
Third, applicant matching systems can read pages and pages of a resume in seconds; so you don’t need to have a short resume in this respect.
Ensure this is reflected in your LinkedIn page, fill in all the fields with key words and phrases.
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