As our industry changes, you have to follow suit with your career planning, resume and the like.
Today, candidates need to think differently about how to present for roles.
No longer is having a ‘good’ resume and performance at an interview all that is required to land a good role at a good company.
You need the expertise and experience AND the industry reputation. You need to have a reputation in the industry to be referred for roles, especially mid- to senior roles.
Why do you miss out on roles?
We hear of good people missing out on good roles.
There are a myriad reasons – internal candidates being benchmarked and preferred, friends favoured or simply not being referred.
If you are simply sending a resume, you are in a very competitive pile.
Be referred
Rather, if you can get someone in the organisation, or close to it, to refer you to the hiring manager or put in a good word, you will have a much better chance at obtaining an interview.
Personal referrals, especially from other proven performers, are becoming more important than ever – providing an advantage to hiring managers that resume ‘key word matching’ programs and algorithms cannot.
If candidates are similar in terms of qualifications and experience, hiring managers will often prefer one that has been referred by a third party or other current employee.
Cultural fit
Another reason you could be missing out on roles is cultural fit.
This is often the #1 reason one candidate is favoured over another similar candidate.
Determining cultural fit can be hard for external candidates and a reason why you need to ask about it in your interviews, then try to demonstrate how you have what it takes.
We know this is easier said than done, but by at least trying to address it will put you ahead of many others.