Our annual SUPER ISSUES report again examines the issues that concern us all – as voted on by you. These include:

  • The majority of respondents expect this year to be better than last year.
  • The biggest concern for our people is whether their organisation can transform enough to keep pace with the changes occurring around them.
  • The people and skills expected to be most in demand this year are for administration and operations.
  • Cultural fit is by far the biggest people challenge.
  • There is a need for more / improved employee engagement programs to retain our people.

This year we delve behind the headline findings and identify other issues and challenges that are just emerging, challenges that could blind-side leaders and management.
Many of these issues are social and psychological and this year we take special focus at these. They include:

  • Our people are increasingly feeling pressured from mounting competition – be it other asset owners and managers, new entrants, new technology, fintechs, job cuts and continued change.
  • This means they feel less secure – with several reporting they fear being replaced by new technologies such as artificial intelligence.
  • This in turn means they are much more concerned and competitive in the workplace.
  • This is increasingly amplifying stress in the workplace, on fellow colleagues, management and HR managers.

How will you address these challenges this year?
Find out in the report click here – Survey Report 2018 PDF.