Becoming a CEO is rarely an overnight success story.
Getting to the top position in an organisation today takes years of career development, experience – further educational and expertise.
While Australia’s top business leaders all have their own individual career journey, common trends can be found and provide insights to those aspiring the top position in a company.
The Robert Half group researched Australia’s ASX 200-listed CEOs to identify the common pathway to becoming a CEO and found:

  • Just 17% of ASX 200-listed do not have a degree
  • 22% have a MBA
  • 54% hold a postgraduate degree
  • 50% have a background in finance
  • 69% have worked internationally
  • 94% of ASX 200-listed CEOs are men
  • Just 15% have a salary less than $1 million, and
  • Only a third (33%) are hired externally – so if you need to find the best CEO contact us.

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