SUPER Recruiters’ top workplace trends for 2017
1 – Improved candidate and employee experience. Almost 60% of job seekers report that they have had a poor candidate experience with employers. Almost three out of four of them have shared that experience online, damaging the organisations’ reputation. Have you checked how you rate in this respect? Most HR departments haven’t.
2 – Tenure. The average tenure for employees, regardless of age, is just 4.5 years in the United States and seems similar here. A majority of ‘millennials’ are reported as leaving just after two years after starting. Which is why we expect to see a refocusing on ‘older’ employees this year.
3 – Young, older or blended work force? The latter would seem to be the obvious solution, but it is often difficult to implement, with younger managers often threatened by those more experienced. Programs that see the latter share their wisdom with younger teams are key in this respect; but are hard to find let alone implement for a busy HR department.
4 – Teamwork. We predict an increased focus on teams and teamwork, which can reduce the risks when a star performer departs or is head-hunted. It can also slow the rise of internal politics. And we all know that high performing teams always outperform individuals stars.
5 – Greater alignment with customer needs. Expect to see roles and responsibilities become more aligned with end-customer needs, rather than just those of the organisation.
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