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Financial Observer PEOPLE has a range of great candidates looking for great roles. They include:
Chief risk officers, and 
– Business Development Managers.
Contact us if you’d like to meet them or if you need other mid- to senior roles filled by proven performers.

About Financial Observer PEOPLE – our process
We have disrupted the traditional recruiting process by turning it around and focusing on referred and proven candidates. Being best-connected means we know those candidates who have good industry track records and who can deliver results adding value to an organisation.
The best candidate could be engaged in an existing role and we determine who is prepared to, or should move to another organisation. We understand the differences between candidates actively looking and those who need to be enticed to move, knowing how to manage these substantial differences.
We then determine if the candidate/s have an appropriate cultural fit.
We only recommend candidates that we would employ ourselves and only in roles that we believe are worthy of them.
We do this at a low flat fee and with a replacement guarantee.
We can do this because we are bespoke, independent and specialise in our industry alone.

We all know hiring the ‘wrong’ person is one of the greatest risks organisations face, costing time, money and other good people.  Don’t risk it. Support our industry: support Financial Observer PEOPLE.
Providing partners comprise industry specialists SUPER Recruiters, Kaizen Recruitment, The Dawson Partnership and Riskwise Professionals = together they comprise The Search Network which provides access to more candidates than most individual search boutiques.  [email protected]