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to the bespoke recruiters for asset owners, managers, operations and transformation professionals.

Finding the best people is one of the top three challenges of leading an organisation today.
We’ve transformed the recruiting process to make finding them easier in the wealth management industry (while also reducing the risks and cost).

We are passionate about placing good people in good organisations
– and only deal with the best of both.

Being best connected means we know those candidates who have good industry track records, who can deliver results and add value to your organisation.
This means knowing not just who is available, but also who to discretely approach to join you. We also look beyond resumes to focus on cultural fit (the #1 HR challenge, according to the latest research). In fact, we only place candidates that we would employ ourselves – and only in roles that we believe are worthy of them.

We all know hiring the ‘wrong’ person is one of the greatest risks organisations face, costing time, money and other good people.
Don’t risk it!

Why use us?

1 – To obtain the best people for your organisation – candidates with track records of delivering results.
2 – To reach people you can’t – this includes those not on job boards or not actively looking to move. (We understand the differences between candidates actively looking and those who need to be enticed to move – and know how to manage these substantial differences).
3 – To hire candidates with the best cultural fit for your organisation.
4 – To reduce the risk of hiring poor performers – and the damage they cause.
5 – For best value – low flat fee, no retainer, guarantee replacement.

We can do this because we are bespoke, independent and only work in our industry alone and because we focus on referred candidates, rather than online resumes, checking for credentials and performance at the beginning of the process – not a cursory check at the end.

“Guy did a great job in finding us highly experienced executives in a short period of time. We were impressed with the quality of the candidates
and will definitely use his services in the future,” – CEO of a leading fintech seeking his replacement.

The best connected experts in our industry

We know our industry – with three decades of experience of working within superannuation, investing, operations and custody.
We know our people – with a database of more than 10,000 professionals and myriad personal connections.
We are best connected – our unparalleled network of industry leaders and supporters enables us to identify the best-possible and referred candidates.
We know cultural fit is an effective way to developing high performing teams and are expert at this.

The depth of our network means we know who is good at what they do, who has a proven track record of delivering real results and who could be a good cultural fit for you.

“SUPER Recruiters provided us with the best possible candidates, some very well-known performers,
people who have strengthened our team and in turn our business. Highly recommended.”

About us

SUPER Recruiters are trusted, strong, consistent, relevant and proactive.
Our process is independent, robust, transparent, cross-referenced and comes with a replacement guarantee.
We are supported by an industry newsletter and association.

We don’t charge a retainer and are very competitive.
Call us now to discretely discuss your needs.

For further information about us see what INDUSTRY MOVES says here.
See our principal, Guy McKanna, talk about the future of our industry in this video.
See our latest white paper and insights on the outlook for our industry here or here.

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and keep up with people trends in our industry

We have great candidates seeking roles including CEO, COO, business development, risk and compliance, analysts and non-executive director positions.

Passionate about connecting performers

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