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SR consult

Ensure you have the best possible HR practices


  • Provides quick checks to ensure your HR team is the best it can be in today’s changed world, operating as effective as possible under COID-19
  • Reviews HR processes and procedures to ensure you are using the best  
  • Can help you bring recruiting in-house and ensure you are maximising this trend 
  • Help you better identify those candidates who will  work best from home 
  • Boost your HR effectiveness, while cutting costs


SR Research

Give your HR an edge

SR RESEARCH provides:

  • Culture and perception surveys and rankings

    – how does your organisation compare to competitors in   terms of what candidates and investors think and feel? 
    – What does the market like about you?
    – What does it dislike?
    – What motivates stakeholders to take action with you?!
    Our AI partner can objectively tell you

  • Investor sentiment overlays – solving the missing piece of investment strategies by identifying what investors are feeling and thinking 

SR NETWORK –  invest in YOUR people  


People are our industry’s most important asset

Ensure you have the best with

  • HR consult & Advice
  • HR Research 


HR transformation Services
What we can
Do For You

We are expert in transformation, with our team including co-founders of a national transformation association

If you need to rebuild your HR team, your people processes, we can help you develop world-class practice

ABout us

Well experienced

Does your HR team need a sounding board, help to keep up with all that is happening in the market during COVID-19?  

Our knowledge, consulting and research-focused Chair, Cathy Doyle, has developed and led HR teams at some of the country’s leading organisations – including BNP Paribas, Commonwealth Bank, McDonalds, Perpetual, Qantas, Rabobank and more.  

She can undertake a quick check to see what you can finesse, improve or transform to be  more effective and cost efficient.

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