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to the bespoke recruiters for asset owners and managers

Finding the best people is one of the top three challenges of leading an organisation today.
Cultural fit of candidates is the #1 challenge for HR teams, according to the latest research*.

We are passionate about identifying and placing the best performers into the best organisations, and only the best and only in our industry.
This tends to be candidates who are not actively looking and are not on job boards.

We know who the proven performers are, with good industry track records; not just good resumes or interview skills.
We know who delivers results and can add to your team.

We make finding the best people easier and reduce the risk of hiring a poor fit.
We all know hiring the ‘wrong’ person is one of the greatest risks organisations face costs time, money, time and other good people.
Don’t risk it.

Passionate about connecting high performers

We believe good people are a competitive differentiator and increase an organisation’s performance.

Our social purpose (why we exist) is
1 – to place the best people in the best organisations in our industry – to make a difference.
2 – this includes those who might not have the best resume or interview skills – but have a great track record (just like good investments).
3 – to identify good people who aren’t looking to move, but who should move to good organisations.

We can do this because we are bespoke and only work with good people and organisations in our industry alone!


The best connected experts in our industry

We know our industry – with three decades of experience of working within superannuation, investing, operations and custody.
We know its people – with a database of more than 10,000 professionals and myriad personal connections.
We are best connected – our unparalleled network of connections and supporters enables us to identify the best people.

The depth of our network means we know who is good at what they do,
who has a proven track record of delivering, performance and results and who could be a good fit for you.

Our team, headed by Guy McKanna, have worked within the industry and know it – and your needs – in-depth.

About us

SUPER Recruiters are trusted, strong, consistent, relevant, proactive.
Our process is independent, robust, transparent, cross-referenced and comes with a replacement guarantee.
We are supported by an industry newsletter and association.

We don’t charge a retainer and are very competitive.
In short, we help over-stretched HR departments solve their people problems.

We know our industry best – which is why other recruiters often come to us for help. So don’t engage them to only have them in turn engage us.
We have a range of high quality mid-senior candidates ready.
Call us now to discretely discuss your needs.

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We are seeking candidates for senior credit analysts, fund accountants, senior management and more.

We have candidates seeking CEO roles, COO role, portfolio managers real assets and infrastructure and many more.

When you are serious about finding the best people

Need to fill a role? For mid- to senior people, contact us:

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