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to your specialist recruiters for the superannuation, investment and operations industry

SUPER Recruiters is different in that we have worked within our industry, know it – and the people in it.
We know who is good at what they do, who has a proven track record of performance and results
and who could be a good fit for you.

Through our extensive network, we can access the best people – including those who are not actively looking.

We know who is behind the resumes and who can deliver real results
– reducing the risk for you.

See our latest research report here – SUPER INDUSTRY ISSUES 2017.

Passionate about connecting high performers

We know our industry – with three decades of experience of working within superannuation, investing and custody.
We know our people – with a database of more than 10,000 professionals and many personal connections.
We are best connected – our unparalleled network of connections enables us to find you the best people.
These connections include a pre-eminent industry association and newsletters.

The depth of this network means we know who’s who and who can deliver for you.

The best connected experts in our industry

SUPER Recruiters are industry specialists – focusing on our industry alone.
Our team, headed by Guy McKanna, have worked within the industry and know it – and your needs – in-depth.

Being best connected we know who’s who and identify candidates who are good at what they do
and have a track record of delivering results. We know the people behind the resumes.
We know their personalities. This reduces the risk of hiring a poor cultural fit.
We have a range of the highest quality candidates ready.

Our process is independent, robust, transparent, cross-referenced and comes with a replacement guarantee.
We don’t charge a retainer and are very competitive.

In short, we help over-stretched HR departments solve their problems.
Contact us to engage the best people for your organisation.

About us

We are trusted advisors who solve people problems in our industry.

For further information about us see what INDUSTRY MOVES says here.
See our principal talk about the future of our industry in this video.

View our SUPER INDUSTRY ISSUES 2017 survey report, which found:
– 77% of respondents expect this year will be better for them and their organisation compared to last year,
– 50% of the industry expects to hire more people this year,
– particularly in sales and marketing as well as administration and support staff.
– the top employee challenges are cultural fit and helping employees keep up with the pace of change.
Find out more here.


SUPER Recruiters’ top workplace trends for 2017

SUPER Recruiters’ top workplace trends for 2017 1 – Improved candidate and employee experience. Almost 60% of job seekers report that they have had a poor candidate experience with employers. Almost three out of four of them have shared that experience online,...

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Visit the LinkedIn group PEOPLE IN SUPER to view opportunities and keep up with trends.

When you are serious about finding the best people

Need to fill a role? For mid- to senior people, contact us:

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